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At Blue Skies It's All About You...Our Customer!

What Makes Blue Skies Home Care LLC Superior to Our Competitors


Respect to Customers and Attendants is our first goal. Customer, attendant or state employee, you will always be treated with respect and courtesy by Blue Skies Home Care LLC staff. We welcome customers and attendants of all races and cultures. Many of our staff members are multi-lingual, and we are happy to find interpreters for languages we don’t speak or for those that are deaf.


We know the answers to your questions. Many of our staff have years of experience with Consumer Directed Services. We will be able to answer your questions and assist you with whatever you may need to help you remain independent. Customer service is a top priority with us, and we are here to help you. We will match our staff against any other in the state.


Blue Skies Home Care LLC pays the premium salary to CDS attendants no matter where you are in Missouri. Attendant wages range depending on area and experience. We process and pay attendants within one week of receiving timesheets. If there are mistakes or questions on a timesheet, we do our best to handle them quickly with no delay in payment.

Blue Skies CDS is different from nursing home and agency care. With Blue Skies YOU are the one in charge of YOUR care. Who would know better than you? With Blue Skies CDS:

  • NYOU Direct Your Own Care
  • NYOU Hire who you want to provide your care, even a friend or a family member other than a spouse
  • NYOU Set the work schedule according to YOUR needs
  • NYOU Control the training your attendant receives for YOUR individual needs

Blue Skies’ staff is right there to help you with everything. Here are a few of the many things Blue Skies Home Care LLC will do for YOU, our customer:

  • NWE Will help complete all the paperwork and handle all payroll and Medicaid billing functions
  • NWE Will pay superior wages to your attendants and we will process their payroll quickly and accurately
  • NWE Will listen to YOU, our customer, and provide you the best quality CDS service available
  • NWE Will call and visit your home regularly to insure that your attendant is providing you the highest quality of care


Blue Skies Home Care, LLC is devoted to empowering people with disabling conditions to direct their own care. Our mission is to be the best Consumer Directed Services (CDS) provider in the Missouri communities we serve by treating our customers with the utmost respect, utilizing the expertise of our experienced staff to provide unparalleled service and straightforward answers, and offering personal care attendants a superior wage.


We are committed to providing oversight for the health, safety and welfare of our customers and ensuring the plan of care for each customer adequately meets his or her needs. For each customer, we envision a plan of care he or she directs by personally hiring a personal care attendant, provision of training to the personal care attendant, and a work schedule set by the customer according to his or her individual needs.

What to Expect at Blue Skies Home Care LLC


Showing compassion for and kindness towards all who seek our services


Generously and graciously performing our responsibilities to enable the provision of care to those in need


Earning trust through unquestionable practices and sound ethics


Exhibiting professionalism, leadership, and expertise


Appreciating the areas we serve through meaningful involvement


Unwavering commitment to our mission

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Have questions about our services, how to become an attendant or want to learn more? We are here and happy to answer all questions and concerns!

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